Even the best and the most responsible employees can occasionally miss or ignore task deadlines. There are a few ways to deal with such sort of trespassing, and every manager has a unique set of remedies for that. But there is always another way... 

If you are already familiar with APRO CRM, you are bound to have some experience with its task manager and have probably enjoyed its following benefits: 

  • Saving time: task management eliminates the need to hold daily meetings and give instructions to each staff member personally. Assigning tasks is just as easily done from your personal office, home, and even from abroad. 

  • Corrections and rectifications during the work process and the option to discuss a task with its initiator right in the task profile.

  • Deadlines assignment.

  • No need to expect reports from executives: you can monitor tasks progress on your own.

  • Automation of tasks assignment process. 

Now that you already know how to adjust the automatic assignment of recurrent tasks and how to notify the manager about shifts of deal stages, the time has come to learn how to automate the assignment of complex tasks in cases when employees forget or ignore tasks and their deadlines. 

here is what can happen to any real estate agency

Dale has a few sales deals running simultaneously, and each of them is currently drifting on a certain stage. One of them is yet in the process of "Preliminary agreement", another client is negotiating contract, still another one is willing to make a security deposit. In addition, there is also Peter, Tim and Daisy  with a bunch of their contracts and properties. That said, there exist certain deadlines recommended for each stage of a deal. Missing these deadlines is highly undesirable and can sometimes even damage your business, causing clients to lose patience and disrupt deals, or, at the very least, share their negative customer experience with others. Still, it is unfortunately not uncommon that agents miss deadlines and the manager fails to control every deal and has no time to "push" each agent individually

For cases like this, APRO CRM offers a smart and useful tool — automatic assignment of complex tasks using business process algorithms

How it all works

For each deal stage, a specific deadline is fixed, and the following algorithm is created:
If a property gets stuck on one of the stages and the deadline is about to be missed, while the agent keeps daydreaming — a task is automatically created, specifying the nonchalant agent as both the initiator and the executive. 

Here is what follows: 
If the agent remains ignorant — the same task reappears, but this time it is initiated by the agent's line manager and has the status of urgent.

thus, you've got two problems solved:

  1. The agent gets not merely a notification — but a whole task with specific deadlines, which are hard to miss or postpone. The manager's control provides for an additional incentive. 

  2. The manager no longer has to monitor and control each deal and its deadlines.

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