Setting tasks in the CRM is way easier than assigning them manually every day. 
But sometimes there are too many recurrent tasks, including personal ones

For example: 

  • Task for property valuation or for the agent to organise showings after getting clients' requests. 

  • Task for the photographer to take pictures after the agent and the property owner sign the cooperation agreement. 

The company has a big staff or several departments, where tasks must be set by the manager of each department and not by the general manager.

In order to save your time and not to forget who is responsible for each task, you can automate task assignment in the CRM.

sample business process: automatic creation of task for agent to show property

1. Create the event that will trigger the automatic creation of task. For instance, a request for property showing.

2. Specify the time when this task should appear on the list of tasks for a certain user. Let's say, the agent will get this task 2 days before the showing.

When creating the business process, don't forget to specify the supervisor, whose name will be mentioned as that of the task initiator. 

Adjust this business process only once — and create regular tasks automatically.


  • No need for the manager to waste time assigning recurrent tasks. 

  • CRM users can get tasks at a certain hour, avoiding "burning" deadlines.

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