Anything that makes us smile, feel empathy, or evokes pleasant memories, can be retained in our memory much easier and for long. 
Nearly any advertisement ever created was invented in order to play our heart strings — with the only difference that marketing specialists have recently ceased to conceal this truth. Studies conclusively show, that the majority of purchases are made spontaneously.

Here are a few most efficient ways to catch your clients' breath.

# 1 — evoke nostalgia

This is a failsafe method that ensures an infrangible emotional connection with your clients based on shared sensations like: "this ice-cream used to be tastier", "clothing used to be more durable and of better quality", "music used to be better". Psychologists tend to explain this phenomenon by the barrier function of the human brain, that consists in its capability to repress the negative memories and idealise the past. That is why including allusions to the past (such as music, visual elements, and cultural realia) in your advertising content works perfectly fine.

Before employing this method, it is important to analyse the client database and segment the age groups in order to identify their interests. You must take into consideration that, for instance, generation-2000 would barely share the idols of the 80-s and for sure will express no nostalgia at all.

# 2 — share lifestyle and interests

Many companies promote their products and services as part of a certain lifestyle and create groups of amateurs with common interests and devotion to brand. Among the most common topics for lifestyle marketing are healthy lifestyle, sports, and travelling. For example, Nike has recently shown a particular success in promoting their bracelets and application for joggers; Harley-Davidson has joined a whole army of bikers under its wing, and new products from Apple make its fans spend hours and hours in a queue. The reason behind it is the natural desire to consider oneself a part of the congenial trend. This strategy appeals to the core human emotions, making one feel "as cool as Jack and as athletic as John, because they buy sportswear at Company X". Thus, the brand extends to denote the congenial, the ideal, or the desired lifestyle. 

Before employing this method, it is necessary to monitor the target audience for their needs and interests. 

#3 — tell stories

Feel free to tell long stories about how practical and useful your product/service is, and how it can change your customer's life for the better. Do not hesitate to touch your clients' heart strings by sharing real life stories of other customers. Storytelling works because it is simple and credible. 

For instance, company "Accu-chek" producing blood glucose meters has launched a whole project uniting people of different professions suffering from diabetes. These people's stories prove that having diabetes does not mean being deprived of a normal life: you can still enjoy dancing, doing sports and enjoy your favourite job.

If you own a real estate agency, you can tell a heart piercing story about, for instance, Lilly, who moved from Ohio to New York in order to get her degree in medicine and got duped by her apartment owner and how our wonderful agency helped her find an affordable and cosy place to stay for a long term just near the university.

#4 — share recommendations and reviews

Social proof is another failsafe method. Most people can no longer imagine purchasing products or services without prior searching for reviews of other customers and experts and studying the info about the producing company. 

Ranking and reviews of real estate agencies in Google Maps.

Reviews work because nowadays it is pretty hard to make the right choice among the overwhelming supply. Just drop in to a local supermarket — and you will find over 10 various brands of milk. This abundance gives rise to anxiety: people are no longer sure they can make the right choice. 

Get as much reviews as possible and share experts' tips where they look the most appropriate — on popular advertising platforms and in social media. Promote your services by providing trusted experts' opinions about them.

nota bene

1. In most cases, the decision to purchase is made under emotional influence, such as "everybody has the same", "my friend has just bought it", or because the producer seems credible, looks attractive and sounds conclusive.

2. In order to make the most of your emotive marketing strategy, find out what dominates the minds of your target audience, explore their needs and interests.

3. Get more and more reviews and publish them. Share your clients' success stories and create fan groups. Do not forget t appeal to nostalgia. 

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