It is often the case that owners are trying to sell their property for quite long. Therefore, it is always best to clarify something...

after meeting and greeting

Agent: 'How long have you been trying to sell your house?'

(a couple of months, half a year, over a year)

  • What do you think the reason is? 
  • During all this time, how many calls did you receive and how many showings did you organise? 
  • What was the opinion of your potential buyers? What were their pros and cons? What reasoning did they provide when refusing to buy?
  • How did you advertise? Where and how often did you post your listing?
  • Did you resort to the help of other real estate agencies? Have you ever signed an exclusive agreement with another agent? It is often the case that property owners deal with a number of agencies at a time. 


  • Did you decide to call a real estate agency because you are too busy to take care of the sale arrangements  yourself? Or would you rather like to delegate the sale to professionals? 
  • Are you ready to sign an exclusive agreement? 
  • Do you have any questions concerning the contract, its stages and terms? 
  • Is it of crucial importance to you to make a quick sale? Does the timing matter to you? 

if the owner wants a prompt sale but the property is overpriced

  • What is the real price you are counting at? 
  • If we find a potential buyer tomorrow, are you ready to offer a discount to them? 
  • Can you define the threshold price, under which you are not ready to sell? 

specify the reasons for selling

  • Are you interested in selling the property only, or rather in selling and buying something else for yourself? 
  • What is your primary goal: would you like to improve your living conditions (larger floor area, better neighbourhood)? Do you need to move away from your parents/children/X-spouse?

These details are crucial for offering your services to the client in the future.

Your client might raise objections: 'Why are you asking me this?', 'What do you need it for?', 'This is of no importance'.

Agent: 'I'm asking you this in order to understand how we can best satisfy your needs and make the most of this deal. Besides, it is always best to be aware of all the minor details, in order not to miss out on anything important'. 

additional information

Agent: 'Is anyone living in the house you wish to sell?' 


Agent: 'Would you like to attend every showing? Or do you feel more comfortable leaving the key with us and letting your agent report on the showings results to you?'

a few more questions

  • How many parties are involved in this deal? Who is the proprietor?
  • Who is to make the final decision about the sale? Are you going to consult with someone? 
  • How long will it take you to make decision?
  • What payment methods do you prefer: cash, cheques, mortgage? 

After that...

offer to cooperate

  • If you are ready to trust us to sell your house, let's schedule an appointment. 
  • When is it most convenient for you to show me the house?
  • Please confirm your address.
  • Are you ready to sign an exclusive agreement with us? 

Your client might raise objections: 'No, I'd prefer to avoid any commitment. Besides, I think I'm more likely to get a prompt sale, if I deal with a number of agencies.' or 'I can handle the deal on my own, I'm not interested in your services.'

Agent: 'Why? Is it due to some negative experience you had? What is the nature of your concern?'

The agent needs to reveal the true reasons of client's distrust and give them conclusive arguments to prove why cooperation with the agency he/she represents is going to be different and explain what the benefits of the realtor contact are.

  • You can certainly do without exclusive agreement, but in this case, the agents you deal with will have little motivation to sell your property. Another good reason to sign an exclusive agreement is your higher chances to sell the house quickly and for the price you desire.
  • You can certainly do without us, but things like posting and updating your listing, taking phone calls and organising showings will require lots of your efforts and time. For us, it is simply a part of our job. Are you sure you really want to spend your free time doing all this on your own? 
  • Besides, realtor contract always guarantees your interests are protected during negotiations, and you don't have to worry when it comes to signing the sales contract. We will facilitate your getting all the required documents ready in time, patronise the deal, and take care of its financial part. 

scheduling appointment


Agent: 'When is it most convenient for you to show me the house and discuss everything in detail?', 'Could you please get the documents you have at hand ready for the meeting, so that we could clarify all the necessary details?'


Agent: 'What is your reasoning? What's your concern?' Try to reveal the real grounding behind your client's concerns and put off this client's request.

confirm the meeting point and register it in the CRM

Agent: 'Could you please confirm your contact number?', 'Can you please specify where exactly you are expecting me to arrive?'

to crown it all

Agent: 'Deal!', 'See you soon!', 'I'm sure we'll be of mutual benefit to each other!'

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