It is wise for any company to store not only the contact details of its clients, but also their order history and reviews, and invest a lot of time and effort in compiling the most detailed client profile possible. 
All this information is crucial for making successful sales, gaining customer loyalty and expanding client database. You can also use it to define and segment your target audience, improve customer experience and help your business grow.

when customer experience can be of use

When developing business strategy and describing its targets. For instance, customer feedback is crucial for understanding the target audience of your product/service and predicting the way this audience will accept the product/service at the moment and in the future. Client experience can help you concentrate on key characteristics that make your product special and valuable for customers.

When running a diagnostic on business processes. All processes in your company are interrelated and involve customers, whose experience of interaction with your company can be used to audit its business processes. For example, you can try and go through your client's path yourself: visit your website and fill out an online form, find company's contact details and chat with live assistant online, make an order and assess the delivery speed. Use your experience to reveal the advantages and rectify the flaws in order to meet the expectations of your customers. For instance, you can add more communication channels, if you feel there's a lack of them, or automate additional business processes. 

When improving your/service. Client's feedback is of crucial importance here: you have to know exactly what makes your product or service more popular than that of your competitors in order to define the key development vectors. For example, you can analyse which of your services are of the highest value for customers (prompt matching, legal backing of deals, etc.), make all necessary improvements, and promote them as the leading ones. 

Customer experience is also a great assessment tool for innovations: ask your customers about things they like and don't like about new features and analyse how their introduction influenced the number of customers you have. 

When creating instructions and educational resources. You can use customer experience data when creating scripts for call center operators, sales and support departments — for instance, when you need to introduce a unified standard for phone conversations, service, sales, and delivery procedures, or a new script for prompt troubleshooting of complicated issues. Customer experience is of high value when compiling educational and training content for new employees. 

how to collect and use customer experience data in apro CRM 

Using APRO CRM allows you to:

  • Collect customer experience data at any point by email, external or live chat, phone calls and messages in social media.
  • Save each client's contact and payment details, as well as the information about their preferences and closed deals in interrelated profiles. 
  • Analyse the collected information and compile reports
  • Work out scripts for call center operators and sales team.

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APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system