March 2017 updates

The beginning of this spring was marked by upgrades in APRO CRM. We have significantly improved system functions and added some new features.


APRO CRM dashboard functions have been upgraded. You can now see diagrams displaying your company key metrics and all the changes that have taken place since your last entry.

You can build diagrams of revenue, lost and successful deals, as well as reports on the sources of new activities and deals, which is very valuable information for marketing experts.

Full list of dashboard metrics

The end of March 2017 was also marked by the introduction of new dashboard design functions, that allow to display any metrics of your business. The metrics can be adjusted in reports. In addition, you can customise the dashboard view for each user or department individually.

 March 2017 updates

  • SMS and email campaigns
    APRO CRM supports sending email and SMS campaigns through integrations with correspondent services that include SendPulse, SendGrid, MailChimp, etc. — for email campaigns — and Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, etc. — for SMS campaigns. You can also connect mail clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. through SMTP protocol, as well as any other services through API.

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