Unfortunately, it is far from being uncommon that a property is advertised for one price, sold for another, and the real buyer pays still another amount.
Prices for real estate are extremely unstable. In addition to being dependent on the fluctuations of the turbulent market, they are also determined by economic situation, landlords' intents, and other circumstances. 

For example: 

  • The landlord has drastically reduced the price because of the urgent need for money due to relocation to another city and general lack of time to deal with the sale. 

  • The landlord has added a few thousands to the price to cover the costs of recent repairs, or the property has eventually become of high demand due to general decline in supply in the area.

  • The situation on the market has changed: real estate properties have gone up/down in value, which forced landlords to change prices.

It is clear that agents working with each property will be the first to become aware of any changes in price and landlord's intent, as they work closely with them. Meanwhile, managers often experience trouble in reaching this information and

  • either have to monitor the database on a regular basis, which can require a lot of time and turn unproductive,

  • or compile regular reports and demand them from agents.

Both the solutions bring the information a bit outdated, whereas fresh pricing updates are crucial for 

  • estimating the potential revenue from deals that are currently in progress; 

  • controlling agents' efficiency and revealing whether the landlord's decision to bring up/down the price is the result of the good or bad work of the agent. 

In order to get timely alerts about changes in the prices of properties registered in the agency's database, managers can adjust automatic notifications in APRO CRM

how it works

1. David, who owns a 2-room apartment, suddenly got to know that his neighbours are selling their apartment — just as his own — but for 5,000 more. He decided that it would be fine to set the same price for his apartment, too, and simply changed the price in the listing and informed his agent, Kelly, about it. 

Kelly changed the price of the apartment in its profile in the CRM, which automatically triggered the business process, and her manager immediately got a notification about it.

2. Hugo started to work as a real estate agent not long ago. But his manager gets notifications about the price change nearly every week. This is quite alarming.
After a few checkups, Hugo appeared not to be very diligent.


  • Saving time for managers — there is no longer a need to monitor price changes manually or spend hours compiling reports.

  • Information about properties remains updated at any time.

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