Kanban Task managementAPRO CRM task manager is a powerful tool for task assignment and control.

You can associate CRM tasks with contacts and deals and assign task executives and co-executives.

Use online chat built into the task manager to communicate with your colleagues in real time mode. Tasks can be displayed either in standard table interface, or in kanban mode filtered by stages or deadlines. Task management

All the necessary control is ensured by tasks reports for managers. Associating tasks to your business processes allows automated task assignment, which guarantees no deal stage or client request is missed or ignored. All you need to do for a successful deal closure is follow the instructions in the CRM, thus minimizing labor effort and increasing sales conversion.

You can also set special “floating” tasks to be taken by any willing executive. There are certain types of errands that perfectly match this type of task.

Miss no deadline, checking your tasks notifications both in the organizer, and in the mobile application.

Q & A

Is self-assignment of tasks possible in the system?

Yes, you can create tasks for yourself in order to organize and prioritize your errands.


If I was involved in an event that took place in the CRM while I was offline, how do I get to know about it?

You will receive a push notification in your APRO CRM mobile application. In addition, you can set the system to send SMS and email notifications about events — both to you, and to all company users. In any case, you will see all the notifications about missed events listed upon your first system entry after a long pause.


Can APRO CRM set tasks automatically each time an important date is coming?

Yes, it is possible. Moreover, you can set the system to generate tasks associated with any important event (not only dates). For instance, the system can automatically generate a task each time an incoming call from a phone number unregistered in the CRM is left without reply or callback.


How can I check the number of tasks accomplished by a certain user?

This is easily done by setting manager access permissions for reports by groups. For example, the company CEO can access reports on all users activity, while department managers can only see reports involving their subordinate colleagues.

APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system