APRO CRM team can create a website for you for a very reasonable price and in nearly no time.

The website will be powered by WordPress — a popular and fast growing CMS service. You can select among over 150 designs.

The administrative panel of the website is intuitive and easy to use for adding website sections and filling them with the information about your company, team, etc. You can add photos, videos, text, documents and other attachments.

In addition, the website will be fully integrated with APRO CRM, which means that:

1. The catalogue of property listings on your website will be synchronized with the database of properties in the CRM. All you need to do is just tick the relevant checkbox in property profile — and the information about it, as well as its photos, video presentations and other promotional materials, will become available to your website visitors.

2. All online forms submitted on your website will automatically flock straight to the CRM in real time mode and get instantly involved in processing, thus ensuring not a single lead is left behind and providing for more customer loyalty.

Company managers can get reports on requests processing status and browse leads interaction history at any time.

APRO CRM is compatible with all sorts of feedback forms on your website, including clicking listings.

3. Live chat will enable your colleagues to exchange messages with your website visitors right from the CRM interface in real time mode.

4. Your website statistics and analytics will let you reveal the sources that bring customers to you and monitor the efficiency of your advertising channels.


How to launch the website:

1. Choose any design to your liking here: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/real-estate#content.

2. Submit the link to your activated APRO CRM account and the design you chose to our support team

3. We will contact you on the same day to inform about your website launching date.

4. We will also help you register a new domain for your website and choose a hosting service.

5. After your website is placed on the hosting, we will be glad to brief you about all the options and provide instructions on how to fill it with content.



How much does it cost to create the website?

The price for website creation including integration with APRO CRM database of properties is $150 (US, International), £120 (UK), €130 (Europe). If you'd like to integrate both the database and online forms, the price will be $170 (US, International), £130 (UK), €150 (Europe). Integrating the database, online forms and website statistics will cost you $200 (US, International), £150 (UK), €170 (Europe).


Is it necessary to purchase hosting and register a new domain for the website?

Yes, you need to register a new domain to your company’s name and purchase a hosting for your website. The minimum requirements for the hosting are as follows: 1GB, PHP 5.3, MySQL (for the average monthly price of $2-4). Our support team will help you make the right choice and answer any question that might arise — https://www.crma.pro/wiki/Tech_Support-407.


What happens to the website if our company ceases using APRO CRM?

The website remains fully operational excepting CRM integration: you will need to upload your property listings to the website manually using its administration panel.


Who owns the copyright to the website?

The exclusive copyright to the website and its content entirely and solely belongs to your company. Website domain and hosting must also be registered to your company’s name, and the copyright to design is purchased at themeforest. СMS WordPress is free of charge for commercial use. The only copyright that belongs to us is synchronization with APRO CRM.


Can you fill the website with content?

Unfortunately, no. All we can do is place your website on the hosting and integrate it with the CRM. After that, you will need to fill the “blank” website sections with your content, including photos, videos, text, and attached files. For this, use the administrative panel of the website.

How fast is it possible to launch the website?

As a rule, getting a website hosted and synchronized with the CRM takes 2-4 working days. Contact us with your request — and we will get back to you with precise deadlines.


Is it possible to integrate APRO CRM with an existing website?

Yes, APRO CRM is compatible with any CMS. Your developers, as well as our partners, can use APRO CRM API to integrate your website with the system. Contact us with your request — and we will provide an individual consultation.

APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system