Use APRO CRM API for integrations with external services (including website integration). All APRO CRM modules, Intranet entries, invoices, SMS messages, calls (for PABX integration), etc. are subject to data exchange.

Access permissions can be flexibly adjusted. 

Read about API, its methods description and examples here.

Go to Github for ready-made PHP script samples of frequently used intergrations.

Create an access key and download API instructions (including script classes) in the API section: Main menu – Settings – Integrations – API v2.

Please note that the number of queries is limited to 200 per hour. For limit extension, contact our client service.


Event Webhook

The system offers an event subscription option. For instance, a real time request for contact parameters can be sent to a given address each time a new contact is created.

To activate this feature, select "Business processes" (Main menu – Settings – Business processes) and tick "Enable Webhook requests on events". You can now select among the event types you want to subscribe to.

Read about Webhook request parameters for developers.

You may also be interested in: Access Permissions Distribution

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