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Access control by IP address

Access restrictions by IP address


Control the access to APRO CRM by user IP addresses. To set access restrictions by IP address, go to Main menu — Settings — Advanced settings — Access by IP.

You can set access restrictions and permissions for individual users, company departments, and branches.

Specify the IP addresses for access permissions/restrictions in section "Access by IP".

Please note: users with status "CRM administrator" are not subject to these rules.


To add a rule, enter IP addresses one by one separated by "," (comma) or tick "All".

Then, select the type of access (the rule proper).

Restrict — block the access.

Permit — grant access from the selected addresses only.

Specify the type of users subject to these rules.

All — all users.

Branch — all the users from selected branches. 

Department — all the users from selected departments. 

Group — all the users from selected groups. 

User — an individual user.

Users added to a group after the rules were set are also subject to these rules.

In case no rule was added, access remains permitted from any IP address.


In case you set an access permission for selected IP addresses only, the access from any other IP address within one user type will be denied automatically!

Rules are prioritized as follows: User > Group > Department > Branch > All.

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