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Access permissions for reports

In APRO CRM you can flexibly adjust permissions for reports.

There are two types of access permissions:

  • permission to create report templates,
  • permission to build reports using these templates.

By default, the CRM administrators are granted both the permissions.

Go to Main menu — Settings — CRM — Reports to specify the access permissions  for other CRM users to create, edit, and delete report templates:

When creating a new report (Main menu — Reports), you can specify the access permissions for CRM users to use this report as template:


You need to select the values for two fields here:

1. Type of users:

  • "All, except:" (all users except the ones from a certain list);
  • "CRM administrators and:" (all users of type "CRM administrator" and users/groups of users from an additional list);
  • "CRM administrators, managers, and:" (all users of types "CRM administrator" and "Manager", as well as users/groups of users from an additional list).

2. List of users or their groups:

  • branches;
  • departments;
  • CRM groups;
  • random lists of users.

When a branch/department/CRM group is selected, the permissions are set for all of its users, as well as for the new users that might be added to it later.

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