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Adjusting template for matching results

In APRO CRM you can easily generate templates for property presentations automatically.

For example, you received a sales request from a customer. After the CRM performs automated matching, you can select the relevant property profiles and place them in tab "Favorites" manually by clicking the button shown below:

or automatically:

Tick the checkbox shown on the screenshot below — and any time a new matching property is added to tab "Favorites", its presentation (arranged according to your property presentation template) will be sent to the client's email address automatically:

You can adjust the association with template in the administration panel: Main menu — Settings — CRM — Activities — select the relevant type of activity (as a rule, it is either "Sales request" or "Rental request") — Fields associations (upper tab) — Template sending rules:

In the window that appears, specify the parameters shown below and create a new rule:

1 — template title;

2 — groups of users allowed to send this type of templates;

3 — type of mailout format: HTML (full-size text embedded in the body of the message) or PDF (.pdf file attached to the message);

4 — complementary text to be added in the body of the message, if necessary;

5 — the source for taking sender's address from: the presentations will be sent to clients from this email address (tick "From user profile" to use the email address specified in field "Email" in user profile);

6 — the type of template to be used for compiling presentation (select from the available templates associated with this type of property). Please note: you can read about how to adjust template format here.

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