Email and SMS Campaigns

APRO CRM integrations with external services allow bulk SMS and email campaigns.

Go to the administration panel: Main menu — Settings — Integrations — Email and SMS campaigns.

The CRM is compatible with the following services:


  • mailing services;
  • SendGrid;
  • Mailchimp;
  • UniSender;
  • SendPulse;
  • SMTP protocol;
  • mail clients: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.


  • Twilio;
  • Plivo;
  • Nexmo;
  • Atompark;
  • other API compatible services.

Integration features:

  • groups of contacts;
  • distribution.

Register with one of the services listed above and add the connection parameters in the administration panel.

For email campaigns, select the type of mailout: distribution via mailing services or via SMTP protocol:

Selecting SMTP protocol requires connection parameters:

or connecting your existing email accounts (if you are employing external email services in the CRM):

Please note! Excessive use of SMTP campaigns may result in recognizing your account as spam and blacklisting it. You might have to contact your mail provider (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) in order to unblock. Unfortunately, our tech support can not lift the restrictions imposed by your mail provider.

We recommend setting SMTP mailout limits: not exceeding 30-50 messages per hour and 150-250 messages per day:

In case of any issue concerning your mail delivery to recipients, please contact your mailing service.
To create and send email and SMS messages to your CRM contacts, go to "Campaigns":

Types of campaigns:

You can access the following options:

        1) create lists of contacts/emails/phones subject to campaign on page "Subscribers";

        2) create message templates to be filled with campaign text in "Templates";

        3) use filter by campaign distribution status;

        4) use filter by campaign sender;

        5) use filter by campaign distribution type.

You can add campaign messages recipients on page "Subscribers":

Subscribers groups:

    • Unbound — list of email addresses or contact profile details (please note: email addresses are copied from contact profiles while creating this group).
    • Contacts — list of contacts, where all the email addresses indicated in contact profile are used (please note: email addresses are copied from contact profiles while sending out messages).
    • Filter by contacts — filters applied to all contacts (email addresses are copied from contact profiles while sending out messages, with filters applied).
When creating a campaign, adjust its parameters in the relevant window:


When finished with preliminary settings, click "Next" to edit the campaign text:

1 — graphical arrangement of the message;

2 — info from contact profile;

3 — campaign links;

4 — text field:

Use tags replacing data from contact profile to compile campaign text quicker and easier:

Save the text upon editing. A preview window will open:

There are two options to activate distribution:

1. "Launch now" will send out the messages just as you click "Submit".

2. "Launch at" allows you to set the date/time, when the messages will be sent:

You can resort to the same procedure to create SMS campaigns:

Unsubscribe page settings

To allow users to unsubscribe, add the relevant tag to the body of the message and set the corresponding parameters in the CRM: Main menu — Settings — Integrations — Email and SMS campaigns:

You can vary the arrangement of the unsubscribe page. Click "Edit" next to the page and add the text and the images you desire:

Click "View" to check how the page is displayed:

Access to campaigns

By default, campaigns are available only to administrators, but you can grant other users access to them as well.

Go to Main menu — Settings — Integrations — Email and SMS campaigns in the administration panel and click "Access settings" (tab) to select the users you want to add:

  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with SendGrid
  • Integration with Nexmo
  • Integration with Twilio
  • Integration with webSMS
  • Integration with Plivo

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