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CRM Data Entry Rate (Settings)

Monitoring CRM data entry rates allows to conduct analytics on contacts/activities/objects/deals/calls information stored in the system.

Data entry in the system is crucial to the efficiency of CRM as your company productivity facilitator. This application is designed in order to encourage your employees to use the system.

CRM administrator specifies high priority obligatory fields in contact/activity/object/deal/call/etc. profiles.

Users get points for every contact/activity/object/deal/call/etc. profile they create: the more profiles are created and the more thorough the entries are — the more points are awarded to user.

Users get weekly reports on their data entry and points credited. Administrators get statistics on all the users. Managers get statistics on the users in their group.

You can award bonuses based on points rate.

To activate the application, go to Main menu — Applications — Miscellanious:

Run the application as shown below:

Administrator should select CRM object type and specify its high priority obligatory fields:

After that, scoring rate should be set:

The value of each field is expressed in the number of points. 

Both user and administrator can access incomplete profiles in a special column:

Incomplete profiles can also be displayed in a list, from where it is possible to fill in the missing details:

Administrators can monitor CRM data entry progress at any time:

1 — report on all CRM object entries and calls filtered by types:

2 — report on all CRM data entries filtered by users; points credited are also displayed here:

Any user can check their points on application home page:

Please note: incomplete objects data is automatically refreshed once in 2 hours and upon opening the application — but not more than once in 3 minutes.

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