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CRM Data Entry Rate (User Instructions)

User instructions

Monitoring CRM data entry rates allows to conduct analytics on contacts/activities/objects/deals/calls information stored in the system.

Data entry in the system is crucial to the efficiency of CRM as your company productivity facilitator. This application is designed in order to encourage your employees to use the system.

You get points for every contacts/activity/object/deal/call profile you create: the more profiles are created and the more thorough the entries are — the more points are awarded to you.

You can access the application in tab "Applications". Please note: in case the data is incomplete, the system will count only the accomplished elements:

When opening the application, you can see your current points rate and the list of objects to complete:

Open up the list of incomplete objects to fill in the missing details:

Please note: incomplete objects data is automatically refreshed once in 2 hours and upon opening the application — but not more than once in 3 minutes.

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