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CRM user activity report

How to get a consolidated report on users' activity in the CRM

CRM user activity report

The consolidated CRM user activity report is compiled every Friday to be sent to CRM administrators, managers and to the emails specified in each user profile:

To enable/disable the report messages, go to Main menu — Settings — Notifications:

CRM activity statistics (for users) — messages to users about their activity in the CRM.

CRM activity statistics (for CRM administrators) — messages to CRM administrators about the activity of all company users.

CRM activity statistics (for managers) — messages to managers about the activity of all users sharing their CRM group.

In addition, CRM administrators can browse the activity of individual users in section "User statistics" in the administration panel:

What data does the report contain?

1. Number of users signed in to APRO CRM (per week).

2. Average time spent online by one user (per week).

3. Total time spent online by all users (per week).

4. Number of tasks assigned (per week).

5. Number of tasks accomplished (per week).

6. Number of new contacts/objects/activities/deals added (per week).

7. Deals dynamics down the sales funnel (by stages).

8. Number of calls made by users (per week).

9. Number of SMS sent by users (per week).

Total activity index and dynamics compared to the previous week are also calculated.

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