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APRO CRM internal organizer is a calendar of notifications and events. It allows setting individual or group reminder notifications for any date/time. Reaching this date/time triggers a pop-up notification (if the user is online in the CRM) or an SMS/email message, if the user is offline, and the relevant notification parameters are set.

To open the organizer, click the icon on the right sidebar of the page:

Reminder notifications can be displayed in two formats — board (list) and calendar:

You can add any notifications to your organizer: just select the event type or the date to set the notification for:

The notification settings window will open:

You can adjust the following notification parameters:
1 — event name;
2 — event date and time;
3 — event regularity: one-time or recurrent (with a set periodicity rate);
4 — event type;
5 — event participants (by default, all notifications are individual; to add other users, tick the checkbox you can see on the screenshot above);
6 — notification display triggered by date/time.

You can also link CRM elements to notifications:


Access to other users' organizers

You can create a group of supervisors (department managers, or instance) with the access permission to view other users' organizers.

Create a group in the organizer:

or in the administration panel:

Attention! This option is available to CRM administrators only.

Add a new group:

1 — name of the group;
2 — list of the users to display their organizers;
3 — list of the supervisors.

Adding a group will enable the supervisors in it to select the organizers they want to browse:

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