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Call Center (Settings)

Call сenter application allows to create scripts for incoming and outbound calls processing and assign call lists to be processed according to sales scripts.

Install the application from Main menu — Applications — Telephony:


#1 Call processing scripts

Each call results in creating a new activity and a contact linked to it.

Any script should be linked to the relevant type of activity. Create an activity with fields that the operator can fill out while talking to contact:

Sign in as administrator and adjust the call script:

    1 — script name;
    2 — type of call;
    3 — relevant activity type; 
    4 — relevant deal type; 
    5 — phone number is necessary to save the dialed number' this option is particularly useful, when there are several phone numbers indicated in contact profile;
    6 — visibility settings;
    7 — tabs triggering correspondent CRM object profile fields;
    8 — list of fields to be added to script text;
    9 — pinning a module in the beginning of the script;
    10 — script text window.

Pinning a module keeps its content always available in the beginning of the script, regardless of how far it may unfold:

Scripts are best structurized as chain modules, each one associated with a certain reply. This ensures the operator can switch swiftly from one script branch to another:

Create a module describing a certain conversation branch with tags for the operator to quickly find the answers to all possible questions a contact might ask. Add a module (1) and response selection options to it (2), then select the relevant number from the list of conversations created (3):

Link the module to activity/deal/contact/user profile fields by adding tags. The operator can gradually fill out these fields during the call, as he follows the call script:


#2 Call lists

You can assign call lists to be processed by one or several users according to certain scripts. Run the application and go to "Tasks":

The list of tasks will open. Add a new task:

1 — task name;
2 — task description;
3 — the call script to be used in the task;
4 — task executives;
5 — contacts (call list):

Add groups of contacts.

Types of contacts groups:

6 — Unassociated: an list of phone numbers or contact profile details (please note: phone numbers are copied from contact profiles while creating this group).
7 — Contacts: a list of contacts, where all the phone numbers indicated in contact profile are used (please note: phone numbers are copied from contact profiles while making a call).
8 — Contacts filter: filters applied to all contacts (phone numbers are copied from contact profiles while making a call, with the filters applied).

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