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Calls interception

APRO CRM offers the standard function of call forwarding, which is described here

However, it is sometimes easier to intercept the call of another user manually. For example, you see an incoming call on the dashboard of your colleague, who is currently out of the office. You can redirect this call to yourself without having to leave your workplace.

For this, go to calls history, select the call you with to intercept, and click "Intercept":

While the caller will be listening to an audio recording, you will get a new incoming call.

To activate calls interception, go to Main menu — Settings — Integrations — Telephony — Access permissions (upper tab) and tick "Allow interception of calls":

You can either allow everyone intercept all users' calls, or create rules for specific groups of users to intercept the calls of users from other groups (you can create the groups of users in tab "Outbound calls settings".

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