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Connecting telephony providers: Q&A

How to connect your IP telephony provider

#1 What kind of phone numbers can I add?

Any phone number is compatible with the CRM — as long as its provider offers SIP protocol connection. Over 90% of providers (including the leading ones) do support this option.

#2 Which telephony providers are recommended?

In order to work with virtual PABX (receive incoming calls, use call processing scripts, etc.), you can connect any phone number of any IP telephony provider you like.

#3 What data shall I request from my telephony provider?

Ask your provider's tech support for SIP authorization details (login, password, phone number, SIP host) and connection parameters. You can then add this data to APRO CRM telephony settings, creating a new connection. If your provider is not on our list, just submit the SIP authorization details to our support team — and we will add your provider to the list in 2-3 days.

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