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Corporate Mobile Phones Integration

Calls history and recordings for corporate mobile phones

CRM APRO telephony can be integrated with the corporate mobile phones of your employees. The application is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher (the majority of Android phones produced after 2011) and uploads all the calls history (incoming, outgoing, missed) and calls recordings to the CRM.

Calls are available to both the employees and the managers — you can flexibly adjust access settings. If the phone number is listed in the CRM, the call is attached to the relevant contact profile making it very convenient to log the history of communication with contacts.

Install the Calls History application from Telephony:

To activate the integration, install the Calls History application to your employees' phones, or invite them to do it either on Google Play:, or by searching INTRUM Calls History in Google Play:

Run the application:

Sign in as the phone user:

Confirm the data upload to the CRM:

You will have access to the following settings and information:

When the application is installed, you will see all the history of CRM telephony integrations with employees smartphones in the Applications section:

1 — application;
2 — list of employees phones connected to the CRM;
3 — calls synchronization history;
4 — access permissions (who can see others' calls; by default, any employee can only see the calls they made).

Calls history and recordings are displayed in the relevant window:



  • The call data is uploaded to the CRM with a brief delay (5-10 minutes). In case of poor mobile Internet connection, the data is synchronized when the network connection is resumed.
  • The quality of calls recording (both incoming and outbound) may vary, depending on the phone type. The application does not affect the quality of recordings.
  • You can connect a dual SIM phone. In this case, the calls from both the SIM cards will be recorded.

  • FAQ

    Is there such an application for IPhone (iOs)?

    Unfortunately, no. iOs devices do not support it.


    Where are the calls recordings stored and transmitted to?

    Calls history and recordings are saved on the mobile phone during the call. In 5-10 minutes following the call, this data is transmitted to the CRM and is displayed in the calls history.


    If the application was deleted by an employee, will this be reported to the manager?

    Yes, deleting the application will be logged in telephony integrations history in the Applications section:

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