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Online communication with clients

Online communication channels ensure information support for your clients.

Create one or several groups of customer support agents. Each group can be connected to a number of client communication channels — either social networks, or messengers.

CRM supports:

Clients can leave messages, for example, in your company groups on Facebook — all these messages will go straight to the CRM. Real time communication with clients is also an option.

To adjust the channels of clients communication, go to Main Menu — Settings — Integrations — Customer Support:

Add your communication channels first: add your company groups in social networks and messengers accounts in the Communication Channels tab:

To add a communication channel, follow the detailed instructions that will appear.

Add a new employee group:

Select the employees to handle the questions from clients:

Select the employees to see the communication history ONLY, without seeing the pop-ups about new messages from clients. Select the Supervisor status for these employees:

Add the sources in the Communication Channels tab:

After the changes above are saved, the messages will be forwarded to the Contacts subsection:

Integration with Facebook

  • If you do not yet have your company account on Facebook, create it.
  • Add the Messages button to your page.
  • Add the link to your group.
  • Go to Faceboоk applications page and create a new application.
  • Enter any name, specify the type of business and your email. Refresh the page after entering the CAPTCHA.
  • Open the application you created and copy the application ID and its secret code.
  • Enter the application ID.
  • Enter the application secret code.
  • Add the Messenger. Open the Messenger and create the access token for your company page by selecting the page and confirming the access to it.
  • Enter the access token.
  • Open the Webhoocks settings.
  • Enter the reverse server URL.
  • Enter the secret code in the token confirmation field.
  • Select the subscriptions: messagesmessaging_postbacksmessaging_optins. Do not close Facebook.
  • Select the employee group.
  • Click Confirm and Save in Facebook Webhooks.
  • When saved successfully, the Facebook page will be reloaded.
  • Select the subscription page in the application.
  • You can select a group of employees to test the messaging.

  • AT this point, you will only be able to get all the messages; the replies from the CRM, however, will only be reaching the creator of the Facebook group. To enable the replies to any Facebook user messages, open the Verification application:

  • Open the Messenger, scroll down to Messenger Checkup and add "pages_messaging".
  • Scroll down to Current Request and edit it.
  • Specify the Facebook page.
  • Tick 'Your Messenger does not use automated answers (using direct chat)'.
  • Fill in the field marked by an asterisk.

  • APRO CRM has an internal messenger for communication with clients via email and social media. A new potential client can text you on Facebook — and the message will be received and handled right in the CRM.


    Integration with Viber

    To add a group, follow the instructions in the window:


    Integration with Instagram

    To add a group, follow the instructions in the window:


    Integration with Skype

    To add a group, follow the instructions in the window:

    Attention: when registering a Skype account, you will be asked to specify the Privacy Policy page. You can use the following link:


    Integration with Telegram

    To add a group, follow the instructions in the window:

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