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User profile

CRM administrators and HR managers can set access permissions for new users upon their registration. Open "User profile" in editing mode:

Things you need to adjust in user profile

  • user status;
  • user type;
  • access to the CRM:

Select one of the following user statuses:

  • new (CRM access denied) — right after self-registration by invitation link;
  • company employee;
  • probation;
  • contract worker;
  • not working (CRM access denied);
  • fired (CRM access denied).

Now select user type:

  • CRM administrator (full access control);
  • HR manager (permissions to add new users and set access permissions for them);
  • manager (advanced access control; suitable for department managers — see CRM access settings);
  • user.
To grant a user access to the CRM, select the relevant group:

User profile: fields

You can select fields for any type of user profile. Go to Main menu — Settings — Intranet and user profiles — Fields in user profile.

You can choose between two types of profile fields:

  • public (visible to everyone);
  • private (available to HR managers only).

Read about how to control the access to profile fields here.

User profile: adjusting functions

In user profile you can:

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