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User profile settings: telephony

When editing user profile, CRM administrators have the access to telephony settings:

1. Assign a short number for each user (a three-digit extension). 
2. Adjust physical SIP phone/softphone connection parameters (host, login, password). Click the tab to open up the list of settings. 
3. Add the phone numbers each user can call from. In case no number is selected, user is not allowed outbound calls. 
4. When activated, this option enables user to receive incoming calls in the browser; if the option is deactivated — calls are redirected straight to SIP device or to mobile phone (depending on other settings). 
5. When activated, this option enables user to receive incoming calls on SIP device (physical SIP phone or softphone); if the option is deactivated — calls go straight to browser or are redirected to mobile phone (depending on other settings).
6. When activated, this option enables user to select the phone number for incoming calls (if browser or SIP device are not selected). The phone number for forwarded calls is selected from the list of numbers specified in user profile. When user is offline, this option is only applied to external calls (including forwarded ones); when online, it also concerns internal calls among users.

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