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Setting Fields: Examples

TASK: Add fields to contact profile with the following logic relations:

Field "Type of business" field should comprise the following optional values: "Real estate", "Car dealer" and "Law firm".

Selecting "Real estate" in field "Type of business" should trigger field "Working location" with the following optional values: Rome, Verona, Milan.

Selecting one of the cities above should trigger field "Working district" displaying all the relevant districts and the option to select multiple values. 

Selecting Rome or Milan should trigger obligatory field "Metro".

Selecting "Car dealer" as "Type of business" should trigger obligatory field "Models vended".

Selecting "Law firm" should trigger a non-obligatory "Yes/No" selection field named "Certified for real estate", and an obligatory field named "Business foundation date".

Field "CEO birthday date" should be displayed for all business types and a date notification for the relevant contact profile supervisor should be activated.

Settings required 

Main menu — Settings — CRM — Contacts:

Add a new field, name it "Type of business" and select "Single choice" as its type. Enter the values given in the task:

Add field "Working location" of type "Multiple choice", enter Rome, Verona and Milan as selection options, and tick "Hidden":

Click icon "Associations" that will appear:

and select "Type of business" ("Real estate" as optional value) in field "Depends on":

Add field "City district" and select "Multiple choice" as its type.

Select "Working location" in "Dependent on" for "City district":

Edit field "City district" by adding districts to the corresponding cities:

Add field "Metro", select "Text" as its type and click "Hidden". Associate it to the cities from the task above:

and make it obligatory (tick checkbox "Obligatory"):

Add field "Models vended" on the analogy, and relate it to "Type of business", value — "Car dealer". Make it obligatory.

Add "Certified for real estate" of "Yes/No" type. Hide the field and relate it to "Type of business", value — "Law firm".

Add "Business foundation date" of type "Date". Make it obligatory and hidden. Relate it to "Type of business", value — "Law firm".

Add "CEO birthday date" of type "Date". Make it obligatory and tick checkbox "Reminder". Select "Every year" and "To supervisor only":

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