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Grouping properties (for residential compounds and townhouse villages)

In APRO CRM you can group properties as you like, for example, to residential compounds and townhouse villages. 

This tool is particularly convenient when most of the profiles belonging to one group have only a few differentiating fields, while the rest of them coincide. For example, the profiles of flats within a residential compound would all have the same address, location description, number of floors, developer, etc. The difference would, as a rule, consist in flat number, floor area, price, floor, the number of rooms and floor plans.

To display buttons "+Residential compound" and/or "Townhouse village" (adding residential compounds and townhouse villages) on page "Properties", follow these instructions.

When adding a residential compound, you need to fill out both the shared description for the group (the description of the residential compound), and the list of all properties belonging to it (all flats in the residential compound):

This is how it looks in the profile of a property belonging to a residential compound:

You can modify both the description of the residential compound (if you have the permission to edit all the properties belonging to this group), and the parameters of each property in the compound:

This is how such properties and residential compounds look in the consolidated list of properties:

Please note: to add a new property to a group, open the profile of the residential compound you wish to add the property to, go to editing mode and add a new entry in tab "Other properties":


How to adjust the grouping

To create a new group, go to Main menu  Settings — CRM — Properties Merging to groups (upper tab) (please note, that some CRM users may already have groups created):

Create a new group, for instance, a residential compound:

1 — name of the group;

2 — type of property this grouping concerns;

3 — add the differentiating fields for the properties belonging to this group, for example, price, number of rooms, floor area, floor level, etc.

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