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How to get free bonus CRM usage?

Get up to 3 months of APRO CRM usage for free! 

You can provide an advance payment for 6, 9 or 12 months — and get 1, 2 or 3 bonus months of free CRM usage respectively.

To activate this bonus, generate the following invoice: 

your rate (depending on the current number of CRM users — see multiplied by 6, by 9, or by 12.

The bonus months are activated right after the advance payment: during this period, no CRM usage fee will be charged from your account.

Please note: this bonus only concerns basic APRO CRM usage. The payment for additional services — such as virtual PABX, SMS, etc. — will be deducted from you account on a regular basis.

When the bonus months expire, CRM usage fee is resumed.

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APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system