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Incoming call processing scripts

Go to Main menu — Settings — Integrations — Telephony and add the phone numbers to receive incoming calls to:

Add incoming call processing scripts:

Call processing scripts:

  • Play audio — audio file playback; the script timeout triggers another script.
  • Wait for DTMF input — pause for dialing user extension (short number) and forwarding the call. You can enable an audio file playback while waiting. The script timeout triggers another script automatically.
  • Call group — simultaneous call to several users.
  • Call user — redirecting call to a user in the CRM.
  • Call supervising manager — if the incoming contact number is in your CRM database, the system will redirect the call to the user supervising this contact; in case the supervisor is offline, this script will be skipped.
  • Call external number — redirecting call to an external phone number.
  • Call SIP address — redirecting call to an external SIP address, OUTSIDE the CRM.
  • Call any user in the script — trying to reach any of the available users involved in previous scripts (including group calls).
  • Script branching — voice menu: each dialed key triggers its own processing script.
  • Time step — triggering scripts by time tags.
  • Record audio message — voicemail: 'Please leave a message after the tone'.
  • Receive fax — the document you received is available in calls history.
  • Hang up — end of script.

  • To assign a script to a number, select it from the list:

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