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Printing envelopes

You can use templates in APRO CRM to print envelopes with your company logo and your contacts' names and addresses on them.

In contact profile, add a new field of type "Text" and name it "Address". Your contacts' addresses will be inserted into this field. Please note: this field may already be added by default.

Go to Main menu  Documents — Templates and add a new template. Please note: the template may already be added by default.

Name the template and link it to a contact in the CRM:

Open the template in editing mode and click "Source":

Add the source HTML code of your envelope template (you can copy HTML template codes from the links below and use them to create the codes for your templates):

Envelope format    Envelope size

DL                           110x220 mm          

C5                           162x229 mm      

C4                           229x324 mm

B4                           250x353 mm

with your company logo
without logo
DL link link
C5 link link
C4, B4 link link


Specify sender address.

Link the destination address text to field "Address" in contact profile:

Creating and printing envelopes

You can print envelopes right from contact profile:

Select the envelope template you created and fill it out:

Then click "Print":

Adjust printer settings:

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