You can build reports in APRO CRM involving the following elements:

  • objects;
  • activities;
  • deals;
  • contacts;
  • calls;
  • SMS.

To compile a new report, set its metrics and save them, so that your colleagues could use them as templates to build their own reports for different time periods applying various filters.

Attention: to reach report viewing and addition/edition settings for metrics, go to Main menu — Settings — CRM — Reports.

You can build reports in two formats: diagram and table.

The graphical mode implies building a diagram of function f(T), where T stands for the time along the X axis.

To set the time lapse (from the initial T up to the final T) for the diagram and its pace (dT = S (pace)), go to reports generation page: Main menu — Reports.

Here you can set:

1) time lapse for the diagram and its pace;

2) filter by users/groups/groups of managers/departments, and use these filters to build sample allocation (see the screenshot below);

3) type of diagram.

Table reports display data in an unrestricted format: each cell is filled with a calculation formula f(T1, T2), where T1 and T2 represent the values of time as function parameters.

To build a report based on ready-made metrics, go to reports generation page: Main menu — Reports:

Creating metrics

Go to Main menu — Reports and click "New report":

Enter the title of your report:

Add metrics to your diagram:

For example, let's add a report on the total number of objects, and the number of active objects.

Add a new filter to your metrics:

Enter the filter title and select the CRM element to apply the filter to:

Adjust the filter parameters:

Please note: filter fields can be filled with the values of function variables, that is, time and pace.

Guide on parameters

Function of time
 function of time value
  S — current pace
  7day — number of days
  2012-01-05 — fixed date



1. Display new objects added daily

 Creation timestamp:

  • value from : T
  • value to : T + S

2. Display objects active daily

 Creation timestamp:

  • value from :
  • value to : T

3. Select all entries from week ago

Creation timestamp:

  • value from : T - 7day
  • value to : T

If you need to display the total of objects, the filter will look as follows (all objects created before each point of time on the digram):

Set the parameters to be displayed: the number of elements in a selection, or a function involving the total of values of a specific field:

Guide on parameters

Resultant expression
  COUNT(*) —
 total of entries
  SUM —
 total of values
  EXP —
expression to be evaluated
  field_NNN —
 CRM field variable

 calculating the total


  — total of a specific field


  — complex expression

   (SUM(EXP('field_255 / 4')) * 56.1) +
   (SUM(EXP('(field_256 + field_255) / field_257')))
  ) / COUNT(*)

Compile the function form. It may comprise expressions of multiple fields with different parameters:

Click "Save" and compile the formula from the combination of filters:

Here is what you got:

  • Access permissions for reports

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