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Requirements for HTML template

In document generator you can create template form with almost every possible design and format. 

To do it right — you need to look up the layout of your form in HTML.

The form will be used to create Email Newsletter and PDF document. So here are the few requirements. 

  1. All styles should be specified in tags. 
  2. If you are using pictures in a form — they should be uploaded in the system or be always available via fixed link. 
  3. We recommend using table layout, because it is more generic and universal. This letter will be displayed correctly in almost every Email service. 
  4. It is highly recommended to use template that is not wider than 650 px. This size is optimized for the Email. 
  5. Use standart fonts only. If you are still have plans to use the unusual ones — they should be connected via the external link. We recommend using Google Font Library

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