Go to Main menu — Settings — Integrations — SMS.

Activate the service by clicking "Enable":

Add the phone numbers to be identified as SMS sender:

Add the users to be granted access to SMS:

You can also grant access to SMS by checking the box in user profile:

or do it from the HR panel:

Attention! SMS messages are delivered by a built-in default provider. SMS sender name will be identified as "APRO CRM". The SMS rate would vary from $0,01 to $0,03 — depending on your telephony provider.

To change SMS sender name, register your SMS signature with any SMS service with an API option, then add this provider to the CRM by entering your registration data (API key) in SMS settings:

In this case, you will be charged by the SMS provider you have chosen. The outgoing SMS history will be displayed in the CRM.

SMS integration is already available for:

If you can't find your SMS provider in the list, use our API to write the provider connection script (read more).

  • Limit of characters in SMS
  • Text templates for SMS
  • Integration with Twilio SMS campaigns

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