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Sales funnels

A sales funnel is an analytical tool used to monitor the efficiency of sales dynamics.

APRO CRM provides advanced sales funnels that shows how many deals there are on each stage.

For the sales funnes, go to page "Deals":

You will see current deals analytics:

You can flexibly select the types of stages and adjust their consecutive order following these instructions.

APRO CRM offers several types of sales funnels:

1. Deals efficiency (the number of deals progressed from one stage to another in a certain timeframe).
2. Deals generation speed (average stage duration for deals created during a certain timeframe).

3. Other:

3.1. Report — number of deals successfully closed / lost (shifted to the corresponding stages) or in processing (on intermediate stages).  
3.2. Deals value — lost deals, closed deals, and the ones in progress.
3.3. Diagram of deals value by stages.
3.4. Allocation of deals created during a certain time frame by stages today.

* paragraphs 3.1 and 3.2. require setting fields associations (see Setting fields associations for reports).

The deals analytics page also displays the types of activity that deals originate from. This is a very powerful marketing tool to detect the sources bringing new deals:


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