Social Media Integration

APRO CRM allows integration with popular social networks.

When a new email address is entered, the system is trying to locate it on Facebook. If a user has a Facebook account registered with this email address, a link to social media page will be displayed in the CRM.

The contact's avatar is also imported:

You can activate/deactivate this option in the Admin Panel: Main menu — Settings — Integrations  Social networks.

It is also important to relate the social media account to contact profile fields that will host the links to the contact's page in social networks:

In addition, integration with social networks and messengers allows online chat with contacts — read more about customer success management.

You will get the contact's reply in an external dialogue in the CRM messenger:


Authorization of your social media account in the CRM

To exchange messages with your contacts in their social media accounts from the CRM, authorize your social media account in the system.

Authorization will enable:

You can reach authorization settings in the Admin Panel: Settings — Integrations — Social Media:

Enter authorization data:

or just click Ok:

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