To connect your phone number to CRM telephony, make sure your telephone provider supports SIP connection. Most of the phone providers (including the leading ones) offer this option

Connecting a virtual PABX of any mobile phone provider is also possible.

The videos below show how the calls will work and look like:

Fully functional PABX connection. You get all the incoming calls processing tools (scripts, forwarding, etc.) together with outbound calls option. Connect any provider. Call from physical hardware SIP phones. Telephony use is subject to additional payment.

  • Telephony: Initial Settings
    User short numbers. Connecting providers
  • Adjusting the «Call From Website» Function
  • Incoming Calls Processing Scripts
  • User Profile Settings: Telephony
  • Call Forwarding
  • Connecting SIP Devices (Physical SIP Phones or Softphones)
  • Troubleshooting: Telephony
  • Telephony: Additional Settings and Access to Calls History
  • Incoming Call Interface
  • Connecting IP Telephony Providers
  • Connecting Telephony Providers: Q&A
    How to connect your IP telephony provider
  • Connecting Any IP Telephony Provider
  • Connection instructions: RingCentral
  • SIP Call Activation
  • Rules of Outbound Calls Distribution
  • Blacklist
  • Corporate Mobile Phones Integration
    Calls history and recordings for corporate mobile phones

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