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There is a problem connecting an Email account

It is possible to get this error, when connecting an Email account to the system: 

Here are some of the possible reasons behind it and working solutions:

1. This problem often appears, when you add one of the new corporate mailboxes — gmail, yahoo, mail or protonmail, etc. But it can also appear, when you add almost any new free personal email account. 

Be aware of! If you have just created a new mailbox, you should log-in first via it`s standart interface (gmail, yahoo, etc). And then you should accept the terms of use in email interface and finish the register process. After that, try adding this account to the CRM again.  

2. The second common cause is  disabled IMAP protocol in settings of your mailbox. 

How to enable it?



3. Another common reason is turned on double authentication. Here is how to deal with it. 

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