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Registering users

1. Adding new users in APRO CRM is permitted to CRM administrators and HR managers on page "Users":

or from HR panel:

2. You can also send invitations to self-registration:

The self-registration link — — will take new users to the page below:

When registered, new users will appear in tab "New users" on page "Users":

Click this tab to open the list of new users. Select one and enter profile editing mode:

Things you need to adjust in user profiles:
  • user status (staff member or freelance);
  • user type (CRM administrator, manager, or user);
  • access to the CRM (grant access to certain CRM groups).
Read more about how to edit user profile (including user type and status).

Select user type and status:

Grant access to the CRM:

New users can now log in with their login and password.

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