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Website for real estate agency

Your website is easily compatible with APRO CRM.

Catalogue of listings

All you need to do in order to publish a property listing on your website is just put a tick in its profile in the CRM — the system will upload the info about the property automatically.

You no longer need to waste your time uploading and publishing listings manually.

The catalogue of listings, so as listings' profiles, will totally comply to your corporate identity and website design.

APRO CRM allows you to easily control what exactly is being uploaded to your website at any time. 

Online forms from website

All sorts of questions and requests sent from your website (online forms) flock to the CRM in real time mode. CRM users can see them and start processing them immediately, so chances are fairly good that a lead can get a request satisfied prior to leaving your website.

There is no chance you can miss or forget about an online form: APRO CRM automation algorithms imply smart reminder notifications and follow-ups.

Live chat

Your website visitors can always resort to live chat and ask questions in real time mode, while APRO CRM users can easily communicate with them on the website right from the CRM interface.

Website statistics

Any time your website visitor submits an online form or asks a question in live chat, a detailed statistics on the history of this user's website visits is sent to the CRM, alongside with the message proper.

For instance, you got a website message from a lead about your listing — and you can instantly see, that this person arrived to your website following the ad you placed on another website. Such sort if analytics can give you conclusive statistics on the efficiency of your advertising channels.

Another example is getting a client, who had initially been unsatisfied with the property you offered. In 2 weeks you can see this person back following the link you placed in your advertising email. All this data is available to you right in the CRM, alongside with task automation, that provides for the timely reminder for the supervisor to call such a client.

how to build the website for real estate agency

How to build the website from scratch

You can resort to the catalogue of WordPress design themes here: and use any of them as a basis for building your website integrated with APRO CRM. We will take over the website creation and its integration with the CRM. The website hosting remains yours, so does the copyright. Even in case you cease using APRO CRM at some point, your website will still remain fully operational; you will just have to upload your listings to it from its own administration panel, and not from the CRM.

This is how we get it done:

  • You need to have a minimum payment of 1 month APRO CRM usage deposited (regardless of the number of users).

  • You need to purchase any template you like from and send us a website building request.

  • You need to have a domain and a hosting for your website purchased and arranged — our experts will assist you with that. Please note, that you will need to further renew your hosting and domain on your own account.

  • The price for website creation including integration with the CRM database of properties is $150 (US, International), £120 (UK), €130 (Europe). If you'd like to integrate both the database and online forms, the price will be $170 (US, International), £130 (UK), €150 (Europe). Integrating the database, online forms and website statistics will cost you $200 (US, International), £150 (UK), €170 (Europe). This is a one-time payment that ensures you get a fully operational ready-made website created in accordance with the design you like and integrated with APRO CRM in 2-5 business days.

Please note, that you will need to further renew your hosting and domain on your own account — as well as fill the website with all sorts of content (except the catalogue of listings) using the administrative panel of the website. We create websites with user-friendly intuitive interface and are always there to assist you providing the best of advice and comprehensive instructions .

How to integrate an existing website

APRO CRM offers a fully functional API to help your developers easily integrate your database of properties, online forms, and other features with the system. We have no restrictions on the CMS you are using.

Website samples

sample1  sample2  sample3  sample4  sample5  sample6  sample7 and over 150 more website design templates

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