Even the highest level of responsibility and self-organization does not prevent you from forgetting or confusing the time or the meeting point for property showing — as well as the name and the contact details of your potential client.
Robert has around 10-15 showings a week, in addition to 5-7 appointments with new property landlords he keeps in order to assess properties and their potential profitability. Besides, Robert has lots of calls to make, and many other routine tasks. Such workloads result in forgetting and confusing the time or the meeting point for some of the showings.

Candice is often so involved in the process of showing, that she loses the sense of time, which sometimes results in her being late for appointments, and she has to make changes to her working schedule all the time. 

Occasionally, when her clients are also late or extremely kind, they may forgive her. But much more often, it is the case that clients get annoyed because

  • they had to spend over 20 minutes waiting for the agent, which can be really dreadful — especially in winter or when the weather is bad ...
  • they had to change their plans after the agent's call about arriving late and had to reschedule their appointments. 

Such a habit can be harmful for the reputation of both the agent, and the company as a whole. The agent's professionalism may reasonably be questioned, clients might think the agency is not interested in them and is simply overcharging them. 

A reverse situation is also possible, when the agent arrives at the meeting point, and the client happens to have confused the time or the date, forgotten about the showing, and missed the meeting point. As a result, the agent has to spend time waiting and calling other clients in order to shift the rest of the schedule, which often causes customer dissatisfaction, as well as huge losses of time and money.

how to fix it

In APRO CRM you can adjust SMS alerts for agents and clients one hour ahead of each showing, with name, address, and contact details specified.

Here is how it works:

step 1

The agent creates a showing request containing the key data: address, date, contact details, and the meeting point. After that, the system will immediately send reminders to both the parties attending the appointment.

step 2 

The business process will also send another SMS alert to both the parties one hour ahead of the upcoming appointment. This algorithm will only work, if the initial showing request was never edited or deleted.


Agents no longer have to

    1) call clients in order to remind them about appointments;

  2) worry, if they forgot, confused, or cannot check the date, the time, or the meeting point for the upcoming appointment.

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