How to become a successful Real Estate Agent? How Agents are working? Where and when to start?

First of all, it depends on the country you work in and with:
In Austria you do not need any type of licence. 
In Spain you should simply let the authorities know, that you are working in Real Estate Business. 
In Germany, on the other hand, rules are very strict and you should regulate and declare almost every step. Also, you will need University Education.
It is a way harder in USA, because each state has different rules for Real Estate Agents and Agencies. In Michigan, for example, you`ll have to take a 40 hour class and then pass the test

Real Estate Agent is not a ordinary person, who just sells other people`s property, he/she is a multidisciplinary expert.
Agents help in almost every aspect of real estate deal and should be fluent is psychology, sales and marketing. But where to start? 

Real Estate Schools or Courses

Let`s imagine, that we already received licence or live in the country where we don`t need it. What will be the next step in Agent`s education? Of course, it is Real Estate Schools or Cources, there are plenty of them all over the world. Almost every one of them offers a lot of useful info + practice + homework. After finishing some of them — you will receive some kind of certificate (that proves your course completion). Several schools and courses offer online form of education. 
Of course, most of these schools and courses are not free and sometimes the price is very, VERY high. But there are still other ways to receive practice and experience in Real Estate.

Agencies teaching Agents

Courses and schools are not cheap, it is true. Also, some of them offer only group lessons, which is not suitable for a lot of people, who need individualized approach. 
Real Estate Agencies sometimes teach Real Estate Agents. 

Let`s be clear: it if useful for everyone. Agencies get the motivated young Agents, who are very hungry to deals and Agents get the practice and experience they need. 
Agencies have a huge personnel turnover, because a lot of employees will start working self-employed or even open their own agency after working a few years in a successful Real Estate Agency. 

Education by the real experience in Agencies — is the best variant for the future Agent. But sometimes it can be hard to apply for a job in the Agency, some of them only hire people after courses, schools or self-study.


We live in 21st centrury: the era of internet and self-education. But self-education is definetely not for everyone. This variant of education can only work for people with a high level of self-discipline and a lot of free time. 

Not every person can be enough self-organized and self-responsible for this and the knowledge gained this way should still be backed by the real-world experience. Self-study will not give you the needed experience for Real-Estate business and you should still have some kind of practice.

But for the novice Agents it is a very good variant of education. 

Education Process

There is nothing out of the common. Education process of a Real Estate Agent includes theoretical and practical parts. You should always alternate practice and theory: for example, after listening to a lecture — try using info from it in practice. 

Theoretical part is very important, but the more time is spent on practice — the better it is for a Real Estate Agent. 
Practice, practice, practice 
— an ideal slogan for a novice Agent.

Some Agencies are afraid that rookies may ruin some of the deals and are trying to keep them away from serious business. It makes sense in terms of data safety, but it is better to give novices at least access to the calls and chats for them to practice. Give Realtors some practice and it will come back to your Agency sooner or later: you`ll either get professional in no time or you can sort out "weak" candidates.  

CRM will help in realtor training: 
1. It will help to gather all the training materials in one place and submit them in time as a part of the training. Different employee will gain access to different tutorials. It will greatly help in theory training. 
2. With the help of CRM, you can create detailed tasks with comments and screenshots for both new and old employees. It will help in practice part of the training. 

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