If you wish to stand out from your competitors, but both your budget and marketing tools are scarce, it is time to resort to drastic action — creative and funky advertising. Here's a forecast from the guru of marketing for year 2018. 

which advertising strategies are expected to be efficient?

H2H marketing

H2H is a new approach to sales. As opposed to the traditional B2C and B2B approaches offering either business-to-client, or business-to-business solutions, H2H is focusing on human-to-human services, targeting at a specific client personally, and not to mass public. This adds to the personified image of the seller, portraying business not as an abstract entity, but a live group of enthusiastic individuals — each one with their story and emotions. The core strategy of H2H is as follows: if you perceive your customers as individuals with their feelings and concerns, your chances to create personalized advertising and touch their heart strings increase dramatically. It is only inspiring stories that can thrill customers with your product. 

downloadable content

It works — believe it or not! Although social networks and personalized messages are becoming more and more popular, your customers are still hunting for quality content. Downloadable e-books, guides and documents, webinars accessible upon registration and providing personal details (such as name and email) are still in demand. 

This marketing tool has one indisputable advantage: it is a good means to attract new clients and replenish your company database for further communications. 

The disadvantage consists in demanding more time and effort than personalized messages in social networks would require.

interactive content

Polls, tests, quizzes, calculating tools, contests of all sorts and infographics give way more feedback than regular content because they motivate users for action. Interactive tools attract more attention and easily linger in the memory. They provide for unique content value for customers on the one hand, and for creative data submission, on the other.

UGC strategy

This is all about user generated content including feedback, comments, video and photos of your product, rates and opinions published by customers on your website or on their social media pages. Statistics show that over 70% of Internet and social media users trust this sort of content much more than traditional advertising. 93% more find it useful experience and considerable motivation for purchase. People like feeling involved and having real evidence about the quality of products/services. Other people's emotions also add to customer trust: "I like what everyone likes". Encourage your clients to create positive content. 

Influencer marketing

Some trends remain permanent and change very little each year. For instance, opinion leaders will be just as popular this year as they used to be in 2017. This is a very powerful marketing tool and a sure shortcut to your customers' hearts and minds. Popular bloggers and publicists, experts and professional advisers, media icons and celebrities — their opinion is still highly valued. Work in partnership with a media star to promote your product or service.

video marketing

Videos and emails containing video get opened much more often than other messages. Using videos increases the popularity of your content. In addition, watching is much easier than reading and provides way more accurate information about your product, its features and benefits. Another advantage of video marketing is its affordability for any company, regardless of its budget and size, which makes it possible to broadcast live videos online in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Statistically, live videos enjoy three times as much attention as those recorded and have much higher viewing rates. According to marketing forecasts, the popularity of live content is expected to increase, which makes it worthwhile to reconsider your video format. The main criterion your videos should match, is being thrilling and keeping customers' attention as long as possible. 

mobile strategy

It is foolish to deny that the future belongs to mobile Internet and it is needless to check statistics in order to rediscover that the users of smartphones and tablets are countless. People spend just a few hours working on their computer, the rest is all dedicated to smartphones. Isn't it a perfect reason to reconsider your client interaction and develop your own mobile strategy? It can include traditional SMS marketing and messenger messages, alongside with an adaptive website version, a mobile application, special content structure and sizing, flexible fonts, and simplified design. 

For younger generations, a smartphone is rather an extension of hand than an Internet resource of information. Keep it in mind.

to sum it up

  • All the marketing tools you've just read about are efficient.
  • All these tools are affordable to you — regardless of your budget.
  • Think of the tools most convenient for your company — and include them in your marketing strategy this year.

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