Integration with email servicesAPRO CRM is compatible with any mail client: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

You can send messages right from the CRM and browse client interaction history in contact profile.

You can also attach emails to tasks, create new contacts from them and send links to them in the internal messenger.
If you are using telephony, you can add link to a toll-free call from browser to your signature at the end of each message you are sending.


Q & A

Can I add signatures to emails sent from APRO CRM?

Yes, the CRM administrators in your company can create and customize a signature for each user. The signature will automatically be added to each outbound email.


Is it possible to use the email accounts connected to APRO CRM to automate business processes?

Yes, you can employ the send/receive events in business processes: for instance, a commercial offer could be sent to clients every time their deals are shifting to a certain stage.


Is my mailbox limited?

No, there are no limits for the mailbox. However, the size of the files attached to emails is considered when evaluating the volume of your cloud storage in APRO CRM.


Is APRO CRM compatible with mailboxes placed at a corporate mail server?

Yes, the connection is ensured by IMAP protocol.

APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system