Filling property profiles manually can be fun, if they are not many and you've go nothing else to do. In any other case, this process can and should be automated.
In order not to waste time filling the profiles manually, to avoid mental arithmetic and not to omit any important details, adjust logical associations among profile fields in APRO CRM. After that, any time you will be filling out a property profile, associated fields will be filled automatically.

things you can adjust

  • Calculation of price per 1 sq. m.
  •  Autofill of field "Property title".
  • Calculation of agent commission for sale/lease.

    You can create other rules for profile fields depending on your goals and targets. 

operation principle

1. After the agent fills associated fields "Floor area" and "Price", the CRM automatically calculates the value for field "Price per square metre" and fills the relevant field. 
2. After the agent specifies the number of rooms, the storey, the floor area and other details, field "Property title" is filled automatically proceeding from the details provided. For example, the agent specifies the number of rooms as 3, the floor area as 86 sq. m, and the storey as 12 out of 24 — and the "Property title", therefore, appears as "3-room apartment, 86 sq. m, floor 12/24".
3. After the agent specifies the price and the fixed percentage of sales commission (for instance, 2%) — the amount of agent commission is calculated by the CRM automatically. 

How to adjust it

1. Go to Settings — CRM — Properties and select the property type you wish to adjust the fields for. Then go to upper tab "Rules of associating fields data"

2. Alternatively, you can always ask APRO CRM tech support for help.

adjust fields associations to:

  • Eliminate human error. No more forgetting to fill the data.
  • Save the time it takes to fill out property profiles.
  • Make complex calculations quickly and accurately.

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