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You can contact our support team by using:

Online chat

+1 (650) 360-09-10 San Francisco, CA, US
+44 (208) 068-82-50 London, UK
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How to arrange your request to our support team

  • You can arrange your requests in online chat as you desire. However, if you would like the problem to get solved as soon as possible, we recommend providing full information with maximum details and specific examples.
  • If you are having trouble adjusting the system, please describe the tasks you would like to solve and the results you wish to get, submitting the screenshots of the CRM interface to illustrate each case of discrepancy.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties in adjusting business processes or reports, please describe your company's business processes briefly, or explain the logic of the report you wish to build (what data you want the system to display) — and our experts will assist you with that.
  • If you encountered an error or a bug in the system, please describe it submitting examples and screenshots.

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APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system