Getting documents approved usually takes a lot of time, especially when supervisors are located in different company branches or can hardly be found in their offices due to perpetual meetings, conferences and briefings.
Here are a few more inevitable challenges:

  • Different versions of one document: it is sometimes hard to keep all the amendments and revisions up-to-date.
  • Authorship: it is often even harder to track and register the initiator of each amendment.
  • Surveillance: it is nearly impossible to locate, where the document is at a given moment. 

Automation is bound to invoke the following advantages:

  • Getting documents approved will take no time.
  • It will be possible to save a huge amount on purchasing paper and printer cartridges. 
  • The human error factor will be totally eliminated, providing there can be no more mess in amendments, document versions, or authorship. 

Watch a detailed video on documents approval in APRO CRM:

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