The core element of any real estate agency is its database of properties. There is no denying that keeping it updated is of crucial importance. The burden of unpopular properties, that have low rating of clients' calls and showings, can negatively affect not only customer conversion, but also company's reputation and the use of its resources.

Here is how you can simplify the work with your database of properties and keep it always updated, more sales-productive, and automatically revised on a regular basis.

Every listing should remain actively involved in sales all the time. The moment you notice a significant decline in potential clients' activity regarding a property, you need to call its owner and suggest either going down in price, or using additional services in order to stimulate sales.

why keeping YOUR database updated is so important

  1. Keeping an "idle" property advertised for a long time increases your spending. Recurrent posting of an unpopular listing can constitute a significant part of your expenses. 
  2. Prompt sales create a positive public image of your company — and a good recommendation is the best way to get more loyal clients absolutely for free.
  3. Owners can also monitor your activity regarding their property judging by the number of calls made by clients: if they are many, the opinion about your services is positive.
  4. It is sometimes wiser to reject cooperation, providing a decent excuse for the property owner. Anyways, it is a better alternative to dealing with an overpriced property for years, without being able to reach compromise with its whimsical owner.
  5. Prompt sales ensure the velocity of money in your company, providing for a solid ground for further growth and development.
Here is how to do it:

This algorithm is designed to minimise the human error and ensure proper control.

1. Activate the relevant business process from the Library of business processes of APRO CRM: 

2. Specify the following parameters:

  • type of properties the business process concerns;
  • call periodicity;
  • instructions on how to communicate with clients, what to offer, and what information to ask for;
  • owner's response options (apart from the basic ones): "Missed call", "Callback", etc.:

3. Activate the algorithm.

Here is how it works:

If the property is registered in the CRM, the system will create a call task every 7 days — with detailed instructions about what to say to clients during the call. 

Brokers can make calls right from the CRM and follow the script in the task. For example, during the conversation over the phone, the owner agreed to go down in price. The broker will see a pop-up window for call summary upon its termination, and can select the appropriate response option among the ones you added to the call script. After that, the system will automatically set the task to change the property price in its profile and make the corresponding corrections in the contract. The initial task to call the property owner will automatically be closed as done. 

If the owner didn't pick up, or the phone line was busy, the broker can select the "Missed call" option in the call script. In this case, the initial task to call the owner will be deleted, and a new task to call back will be set for the following day.

Here is what you got:

Company and sales managers can see all the activated business processes of this type and can control the efficiency of calls.

The algorithm described above is only one out of thousands of possible scenarios. The major advantage of APRO CRM business processes is their flexibility: modifying them in order to perfectly fit the specific demands of your company does not require any special computer knowledge or skills.

For example, you can create a business process for real estate agency, that will set a callback task to the senior expert, in case brokers failed to talk an owner into going down in price 3 times in a row. You can also introduce automatic notifications about properties that stay aside from calls and other sorts of activity for a long time. 

There are plenty of algorithms you can invent in order to automate your business processes. Our support team and your personal adviser are always ready to assist you with that.

Please note: this algorithm was illustrated by a sample from the Library of business processes of APRO CRM and can easily be modified and customised to fit your company's requirements.

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