Leslie has a private company delivering ready-made food ingredients with recipes. Her clients make orders on company website. All they need to do is just select the dish they want to cook from the menu, add its recipe and ingredients to the cart and specify the number of portions. Leslie also has a messenger marketing strategy promoting her service and providing for customer loyalty.

what is it all about?

You can keep in touch with your customers via email or website, involving them in interesting campaigns and attracting them by special offers, sales and discounts. And you can get even closer to your clients by using popular social media messengers in order to strive for client loyalty and increase in sales. 

How often do you check your email, if it is not a work one? Do you ever do it on holidays and vacations? Now meditate on how often you consult your messengers. Emails are mostly associated with work. Facebook, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype are rather perceived as communication domains, which makes them ever so lucrative for marketing: here, the probability of customer feedback is incomparably higher, and there is no need to load the web page, search for feedback form or open mailbox and compose a letter. In addition, it is much easier to open a mobile application on your smartphone than google company website.
  • Messenger messages reach your clients much faster and nearly always get opened. 
  • Messenger communication is more humanized. 
  • Messengers make your content personalized, while emails are rather perceived as bulk campaigns. 
  • Messengers provide much more information about clients (age, employment/education, subscriptions, friends, etc.). 
  • Messenger messages sharply hit the target audience. Every day your clients are getting drowned in the marketing overflow of brands and labels. The toughest challenge is to get them guided in this informational flood and deliver the relevant message to them. Messengers make your client communication ever so targeted. 
  • Messengers allow you to develop your dialogue with clients in a series of successive messages (for instance, informing them about new arrivals). 
  • Messengers provide for fast and direct connection with client, who can always ask a question or leave a comment right in the chat. 
  • Messenger communication is preferred by many people for many reasons: it is unlimited in terms of topics and space (you can chat while at work or even on your train home), making the communication possible even when it is inconvenient to call or impossible to make an appointment. Messenger messages imply immediate reply. 
  • Messenger messages spare your clients from searching your company website online, looking for feedback forms or contact details — all they need to do is just text you on Telegram or Facebook.
  • Messenger messages are mostly used to communicate with friends — you've got a nice chance to become one of them. 

  • Leslie is getting immediate feedback from her clients: she knows exactly, who likes her service and who doesn't. This knowledge allows her to give a prompt response to the unsatisfied, offering them free delivery for their next order or gift ingredients for dessert. 

    You can also employ messenger marketing to share any sort of useful content: tips, popular articles or lifehacks.

    Messenger marketing makes it infinitely easier to segment your target audience and reveal their interests. 

    Messengers provide for recurrent appeal to potential clients — for example, to the ones that once visited your website, asked a question in the messenger and never bought anything. You can always get back to these clients, reveal what they are looking for and offer it to them. 

    Once a client has posted a question in messenger chat, he/she is automatically listed in your database. 

    Messenger marketing is a perfect reminder tool: message your clients with their order confirmation and delivery details and inform them about upcoming events they are subscribed to (for instance, Black Friday). 

    You can add interactive buttons to your messages in order to encourage clients to act, for example, register for a seminar. 

    You can even set chat bots to form triggering chains send automatic messages to clients, proceeding from their interaction history with your brand. 

    rules of communication

    There must be no delay — ever! A prompt reply will save your customers from turning to your competitors in hopeless waiting for your response. In case clients are still messaging you off business hours — use automatic prompt replies to avoid giving your clients the feeling that they are being ignored. 

    Your messenger communication with clients must never resemble anything of bulk and official character. Personalize your messages to the maximum extent — "Hi, Michael!", "How is it going, Kate" — to build trust and friendly relationships with your clients.

    Your offers must always correspond to what your customers really need. 

    Another advantage of messengers is message history: you can browse it at any time to see what initially brought the client to you. You can always get back to this request with a new solution. 

    Do not give up on a customer, if you didn't get a response. Text them again instead, asking about their concerns — and come up with another solution. In other words, keep in touch and show up from time to time. 

    are APRO CRM and messenger marketing compatible?

    Yes, APRO CRM users can communicate with their clients via social messengers, including Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Skype and Telegram. You can create multiple communication channels at a time, assign a supervisor for each one. Once integrated, all the messenger messages will be redirected straight to the CRM and should be processed in real time mode. APRO CRM also supports prompt replies. 

    nota bene

    1. Messenger marketing is more convenient than emails, providing for faster response and more personalized communication. 
    2. Messenger marketing is a good supply of information about your clients — both the existing and the potential — and a perfect means of direct communication with them.
    3. Messengers allow you to share useful tips and content, send discount alerts and make special offers. 
    4. Messenger marketing is the fastest way to get feedback and offer compensation for negative customer experience. 

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