When working with large databases of properties, it is important to know how many days a certain property stays listed. This information is of crucial importance in monitoring sales progress and compiling reports for owners. 
Brokers can use this information in order to monitor the time period it takes to sell a certain property, analyse the reasons for stagnation, and improve the sales strategy. For example, if a property is overpriced, and the owner refuses to negotiate, this information can help the broker explain the market situation to the owner and, possibly, influence their decision, or, at least, change the marketing strategy, if the current one doesn't prove to be efficient.

what apro crm functions to employ

In order to follow up on each property and calculate the time it takes to find a buyer and make preliminary agreements, you need to create a new deal for every property you are listing. A new type of initial stage (for instance, "Property got involved in processing") should also be introduced in advance using the CRM settings: 

Any time a new deal profile is created, the timer will be enabled, and you will easily see how long a property stayed on this initial stage:

You can also build a sales funnel displaying deals assorted by stages and monitor the number and the total value of properties on this stage.

You can create a new deal manually every time a property gets involved in processing, for example, when a listing gets published on advertising platforms. Alternatively, you can launch a business process doing it automatically. 

In addition, you can use this timer to display the period that passed after deal closure took place, and use this information to follow up on ex-clients. 

apro crm will help you 

  • always stay informed about how long exactly each of your agency's properties stays listed.
  • timely improve your advertising strategy and pricing policy, if customers ignore certain listings for a long time.
  • use this data in reports for owners.

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