IP telephony APRO CRM has a built-in virtual PABX accommodated with the ultimate variety of functions. Alternatively, you can connect the PABX (phone lines and numbers) of any other IP telephony provider and make calls to any external phone numbers from the CRM or to clients' phone numbers from their contact profiles. All conversations recordings are stored in the CRM attached to the relevant contacts and can be easily found in contact profiles.

You can create call processing scripts of any complexity and call the internal numbers of your colleagues right from the browser or from SIP phone absolutely for free.

IP телефония Leave your comments on calls and change their statuses in call profiles. IP telephony

Use system analytics to build reports on calls applying all sorts of filters and conditions.

You can also resort to additional applications in order to simplify and improve the work of the call center.

Q & A

For how long is a call recording stored in the CRM?

The storage period in unlimited.


Which IP telephony providers can I connect?

You can connect any IP telephony provider — just ask them for SIP connection parameters. The connection parameters of some providers are already registered in the CRM. If your provider is already on our list, all you need to do is enter your login details details.


How many phone lines and numbers can I connect?

It is possible to connect up to 30 phone lines and numbers without paying any additional fees. To extend this limit, please contact our our support team.


Is it possible to redirect incoming calls from existing clients straight to the relevant supervisors?

Yes, you can enable this option in incoming call processing scripts. Each time a call from the client registered in the CRM comes in, the system identifies the caller by the phone number and redirects the call to the relevant contact supervisor.


Which incoming call processing scripts are offered in the CRM?

APRO CRM allows creating call processing scripts of any complexity using diverse basic algorithms: voicemail greeting, wait for dial tone, redirecting to one or to a group of supervisors, forwarding to external mobile/landline phone number or SIP addresses, script branching according to conditions (including call timing), IVR and voicemail, getting fax, blacklist, conditional and unconditional forwarding, etc.


Can telephony be integrated with business processes?

Yes, this integration allows creating any automation algorithms.


Can I make calls from physical SIP phones or is it only possible from the browser using a headset?

You can make calls both from the browser without having to download any software, and from physical SIP phones or softphones.


Is it possible to flexibly adjust the access permissions for calls and conversations recordings?

Yes, you can control which users can see the calls made by groups of other users.


Can incoming calls be forwarded to other users right from the CRM?

The incoming call window interface allows redirecting calls either to your own mobile phone number, or to those of your colleagues. You can forward the call right away or put the call on hold first, and talk to the person you are redirecting it to.

APRO CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system